Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ho's Chinese Restaurant Leeds

Authentic Chinese Dining In Leeds

If you are looking for a traditional and truly authentic Chinese dining experience in Leeds with a great ambience, then Ho's is the place to visit. The menu is diverse, imaginative and alluring and would not be out of place in Beijing.

As with any good Chinese restuarant, the menu is extensive and you will need to choose carefully to get the right blend of flavours. Its going to help if you have a party of four or more and avoid the set meals which are ever so slightly more geared towards the western version of Chinese food.

Don't be shy to ask for help if you need it since, it is admittedly easy to get it wrong if you don't have chinese friends available to advise you. A few tips though would be as follows. You will probably get more than you can all eat at one sitting and this restuarant doesn't provide the facilities to keep your food steaming hot throughout the duration, but live with that. Chinese meals are meant to be to feasts and a couple of hours at the dining table would be considered fast food in many places

Try and order a good variety of flavours and textures for your larger dishes including chicken, pork, beef and one seafood if possible to get the best range and make sure that these four include one rice dish, one soup dish and one noodle dish. Only get one that has been cooked with chillies. Your fish dish should really go in the middle, since fish have all sorts of special symbolic significance including prosperity, happiness and largess. I would really recommend any of the fish soup dishes. I'm not even sure what sort of fish ours was last time, but it was soft, tender flaked and mouthwateringly delicious.

For your smaller dishes it doesn't matter quite so much if you get the balance wrong, and there is a great deal to choose from. I can recommend the crayfish scallops, but I'm not sure I would have the honey chicken again as it felt a bit like a pedestrian interoper in what was an otherwise exciting explosion of tastes and sensations.

For snacks and drinks, alsio check out the bar and bakery downstairs.

Ho's Chinese Restaurant, 115 Vicar Lane, Leeds City Centre LS1 6PJ

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