Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Stop the Racists marching on Leeds

Keep the Far Right English Defence League out of Leeds

On Saturday October 31st the far right is marching on Leeds just as they did on Birmingham a few weeks ago when the English Defence League protested outside the Bullring shopping centre: racist violence in Birmingham

We really don't want this coming to Leeds. There has been terrible trouble and violence with their other marches. Please take a moment to sign the letter - then maybe the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, will intervene and Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police will have the power to stop it.

I've tried to have 'political conversations' with people of this right-wing bent twice in the past - once I got punched and the other time I got hit over the head with a pint glass. They have nothing to do with politics they are just thugs and extremists, and we don't want them here.

This is not an undemocratic stopping of protest but our democratic right to stop violent extremists trying to tell us how to live and who to live with (and beating the sh!te out of anyone they don't like or agree with)

You can use the link here to appeal to the Council and West Yorkshire Police to prevent this march from happening before it is too late: Hope not Hate

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