Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Carol Ann Duffy - Poet Laureate NOOOOOOOOOO!

Please God, please it can't be true, please tell me that Carol Ann Duffy isn't the new poet laureate. It can't be true can it?

I fed Alphabetti Spaghetti

To Pete Doherty,

And he pooed better poetry

into the lavatory

A slicker motion than Andrew ever dreamed of

Okay, so my hopes weren't that high. I didn't mind previous laureate, Andrew Motion so much, but Simon Armitage as Millennium Poet was painful. His intonation grates and his voice saws up and down like he's trying to cut poetry out of diction that is just plain unpoetic. Anyway, there were plenty of amazingly talented female poets around to choose for laureate this time - personally I'd have gone for Grace Nichols. Grrrrr.

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