Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Wardrobe Leeds - Dining Out in Leeds

It's really hard to get a bad meal out in Leeds, but if you want to be disappointed the Wardrobe seems to have all bases covered. On a recent dinner date, everything started off okay, with a very welcome brandy, but then the menu came. As menus go it was short and to the point, lacklustre and not something that gives much scope for regret over what you didn't order. I plumped for the rib-eyed steak and my date went for the liver and mashed potato. I'm willing to admit that it tasted okay, and the pepper sauce was ok as pepper sauces go, but with a choice of just a garlic sauce or a pepper sauce, this wasn't really much more than £4.99 Brewers Fayre pub grub at three times the price. The portions were tiny - I went through my meal in two minutes flat, and the rib-eyed steak tasted almost exactly the same as the burger meat served at Burger King, and the fries did nothing but compound the similarity.

To top it all off, around five minutes after finishing this god-awful excuse for a dining experience, a bouncer asked us to leave, because we were, eh hem, kissing. Well so sorry to have offended your sensibilities, and you know, well, after having spent more than £70.00 in the Wardrobe in about 45 minutes, I was expecting a little more tolerance. I will evacuate what I ate at your establishment with about as much pleasure as I evacuated the establishment itself. The sense of humour I had when I walked into the Wardrobe was possibly the only positive thing that I took out with me.

I eat out in Leeds at least twice a week and Leeds city centre boasts some excellent restaurants, and I'm barely ever disappointed, but this was just a joke.

I suppose at the end of the day the lesson is that if you want a romantic meal out in Leeds, or even just a decent meal out in Leeds, then stick with what you know and places that are reliably good such as Restaurant Bar and Grill, The Reliance, Hansas, Teppanyaki, Little Tokyo, Salvos, La Tasca, The Millrace or Dos Amigos or even the Slug and Lettuce, Cafe Rouge or Ha Has at a push, and many many more.

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