Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Leeds Events Blog Launch

The Leeds Events Page launches today - the idea behind this is to create a forum that provides the people of Leeds with an opportunity to let one another know about up and coming events which they think may be of interest and also to discuss recent events. I'm also quite happy with people publicizing their own events on here, so long as they are taking place in the Leeds area.

I'll probably get the ball rolling following Classical Fantasia on Sunday at Kirkstall Abbey.

The Leeds Events Blog is essentially intended to be an extension of our Leeds Events page.


Jim said...

Another big city blog. Well done. It's a great resource for Leeds people.


We write a blog for Manchester people and visitors. It doesn't show every event - there's loads of other sites that do that. But your launch reminds me we should link to those sites as a useful resource.

Good luck


admin said...

Hi Jim,

many thanks for your support. I think this one's going to take a little while to get off the ground.

I came across your Manchester blog just recently while trwaling around the BBC Manchester blog site - great resource.

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